EBSO - Gent - 8 t/m 11 mei 2013
It is a privilege for the Organizing Committee of the 25 th Congress of the European Begg Society of Orthodontics (EBSO) to cordially invite you in 2013 to Ghent, Belgium.

The EBSO was founded in 1967 as a study group of clinical orthodontics, eager to learn and to perfect orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances, especially using the light wire technique. Since then the society has been meeting every other year in a different European country.

Presently, the EBSO focuses on all available orthodontic techniques, including light wire, straight wire, lingual techniques and functional appliances. The special attraction of EBSO congresses is their clinical character, the relaxed atmosphere, and real time for speakers and discussions. The title of the Congress is: “Science meets clinical practice”. The Scientific Committee invited more than 20 international speakers of different disciplines in order to offer a multidisciplinary congress. The congress will take place in the University Conference Centre “Het Pand”, an old Dominican monastery in the heart of the city.

Lees meer op https://www.ebsocongress.com.