The advantages of Digital Models by OrthoProof

1 Faster and more efficient

OrthoProof can deliver orthodontic 3-D models to you within 24 hours. These are automatically linked to your patient using the patient number, thereby allowing you to get straight down to work, no matter where you might be. You will never have to search through your archive again because all the information you need will be available at your fingertips. This saves you valuable time when compiling treatment plans - time which you can then devote to the further development of your practice. It also eliminates the possibility of breakages and considerably reduces the amount of time your assistants spend on searching for information.

2 Save precious storage space

The digital models are present constantly in the patient file and no longer have to be stored in a model cupboard. This not only saves you time but also (extremely) valuable square metres. This is space which you can, for example, use for an additional treatment room. A cupboard full of plaster models is equivalent to 1 CD ROM of 3-D models.

3 Link up to any patient information system

OrthoProof's digital 3D models and software are compatible with almost all patient information systems. This allows rapid selection of the right models for each patient. Installation is straightforward, there is no risk of breakages and you will be able to use the models in an environment you are familiar with. If you would like to know whether OrthoProof is compatible with the software you use in your practice, please do not hesitate to contact our experts on +31 (0)30 605 22 00

4 State-of-the-art technology

OrthoProof is the first to work with ultramodern CT scanners which scan impressions directly. As a result, the quality of the scans is considerably better than those produced by the current methods based on cast impressions and laser scanners. Scanning directly from the impression means we can also supply your digital 3-D models faster and for a very competitive price.

5 User-friendly

More efficient work is one of OrthoProof’s key objectives. That means no complicated menus and screens, saving or unnecessary functions. The solution simply offers everything you need, and all just a couple of mouse clicks away. We provide a short training course which is sufficient to ensure years of trouble-free use of your digital study models.

6 Better measurements and analyses

The high quality CT scans enable you to perform a large number of very precise orthodontic measurements on your digital study models. DigiModel produces considerably more accurate measurements and analyses than manual measurements using plaster models and the software enables you to perform the necessary tasks faster and with greater ease. As a result you can guarantee patients even better quality in a shorter time!

7 Straightforward information sharing

The 3D visualisation of your models means you can clearly show your patients the different treatment stages. The patient can follow your explanation of the treatment plan from the chair via a special screen. However, the system not only makes sharing information with patients easy. OrthoProof is also the perfect solution when it comes to sharing information with colleagues and other specialists. No matter whether you want to send an image by email or share a complete file. OrthoProof makes all this possible in a quick and easy way. OrthoProof is both useful and enjoyable!

8 Environmentally friendly

Plaster models are a burden on the environment in a number of ways. Using digital 3-D models means helping the environment at the same time.